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Get Ready to Vote this November

October 13
Deadline to submit voter registration in person OR for mailed application to be received by Bergen County Clerk.

October 27
Deadline for mailed Vote by Mail (absentee ballot) application to be received by Bergen County Clerk.

November 3
Vote by Mail ballot must be postmarked no later than this day and received within 48 hours of polls closing.

Important Deadlines for General Election

Voter Registration Deadline: 21 days before Nov. 3 (Oct. 13).
Application for Vote-by-Mail ballot must be received by
County Clerk on or before Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Learn more about the voting process and its history in the News for You 2020 Voting Guide.

Voting 2020

Are you registered to vote? Check here!



Q: Who can vote by mail?

A: Anyone who is already a registered voter in New Jersey. Fill out the Vote by Mail application, add a stamp and mail it through the US Post Office.

Deadline: Your application must be received by the County Clerk at least seven days prior to the election to receive your mail in ballot.

Q: Can I email my application?

A: No. You must mail in your applications; emails and faxes are not allowed. ​​There is no online form at this time.

Q: Can I vote at my polling station if I've registered to Vote By Mail?

A: Yes, but not by using the voting machine. If you have lost or not received your Vote-By-Mail ballot form, your poll worker can give you a paper Provisional Ballot (which is just like a Vote-By-Mail ballot) at your polling place and submit it to the poll worker. 

As of July 28, 2020, almost 81% of Ridgewood households had responded to their 2020 Census invitations. Visit the Census Bureau's website to check how other areas are doing or to see a detailed map showing Ridgewood's response rate.

Ridgewood's response rate as of July 28. Let's get it to 100%!

Get #VoteReady
Go to the Vote Ready website to

  • Check your registration

  • Register to vote

  • Request your ballot

  • Sign up for email updates

  • Download a toolkit and social media to get your community #voteready

  • Every ten years, as per the Constitution, the U.S. conducts a nationwide census to help:

    • Allocate federal funds​

    • Determine the Electoral College

    • Re-draw voting districts

  • Questions about who should fill out the form? The U.S. Census Bureau has the answers.

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