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Available only to teens in Gr. 6 to 12 that live and/or go to school in Ridgewood.

Literary Line up

About Teen Summer Reading Challege (SRC)

What is the Teen SRC?

It is a summer program to challenge you to read books, check out materials, and attend both (onsite & offsite) programs during the summer.

When does it start?

You can register starting June 1, 2021. However, our official kick-off date is Friday, June 25. Join our kick-off event: Disney Kahoot Trivia! Click on image to register now.

How do I participate?

1) Fill out the registration form available on Teen SRC page. Last day to register will be August 20. 2) Read and keep track of how many books you have read. Use our bookmark to help you keep track of your progress. Please note, you are not required to hand this bookmark in. 3) On or before August 20, submit the total number of books read in the summer to be eligible to win the Grand Prize Raffle (form located below).

How do I win prizes?

Just by registering you are automatically entered to win raffles prizes, but NOT the Grand Raffle Prize. Up your chances of winning by doing the following: 1) Check out books and materials at RPL.​ 2) Attend onsite and virtual programs. After each visit or program, ask the librarian in charge for a raffle ticket to place in a prize jar of your choice. Raffle tickets will be available to teens who attend virtual programs.

How do I enter the raffle to win the Grand Prize?

​On or before August 20, submit the total number of books read this summer in our Grand Prize Raffle (form below).

Do I have to read a mininum or a maxium amount of books?

We ask for a mininum of two (2) books in order to be eligible for the Grand Prize Raffle Drawing. No maxium, read as much as you can!

Click on the images above to download PDF of our summer brochure.

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Raffle Prize List

SRC Bannerbookmark.jpg

Please note: Registration prize #1 (Paramus Mini Golf coupon)
is available ONLY to the first 50 registered teens!