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teen staff reviews:

Ms. Caitlin's pick this month is...

Darling Rose Gold by Stepahnie Wrobel

For a long time, Rose Gold Watts thought she was seriously ill. Allergic to everything, in a wheelchair, and living at the hospital, her normal was living in constant pain and illness. After many surgeries, tests, and doctors' appointments, there was still no official diagnosis for Rose Gold. 

It turned out that her mother, Patty Watts, was the cause of Rose Gold's illness, with a severe case of Munchausen by proxy. After serving five years in prison, Patty begs Rose Gold to take her in. To her surprise, Rose Gold says yes. What Patty doesn't know is that Rose Gold is not weak anymore, or her little girl. Rose Gold has a plan, with revenge on her mind. 

This book alternates between the perspectives of Rose Gold and Patty, and the suspense slowly builds as you try and figure out which character is more twisted. Reminiscent of the true story of the Gypsy Rose case, anyone who loves slow burn thrillers will enjoy this book. 


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After The Seven Stages of War, the Earth became barely habitable. As a result, the next generation’s leaders must be chosen very carefully. Candidates to be a leader are chosen to take part in The Testing, only if they pass can they go to University. Cia Vale is one of these candidates, which makes her very proud. But the night before leaving for The Testing, her dad, former Testing candidate and a University graduate, tells Cia the traumatizing effect The Testing had on him and warns Cia not to trust anyone. The Testing is filled with hard tests, causing many injuries, including death. In addition to this, the other Testing Candidates are determined to get into University, including sabotaging the other candidates. Cia must make smart decisions if she is to make it through The Testing and get into University.


The characters seemed very realistic and their emotions were beautifully displayed in the book. The story was very realistic, which helped me visualize the setting and the things the characters were experiencing. However, the book started off slowly, making it hard to get into. The story is action-filled and makes you think as you experience the adventure with them.


I would recommend this book because it was so hard to put down after I started reading it. There are many plot twists that keep the book interesting and keeps you on your toes.

- Samantha, Grade 7

by Joelle Charbonneau

The Testing


"When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." This is a quote from the award-winning book, “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio. Wonder is a book about a boy named August (but most people call him Auggie) who starts middle school. Auggie has never been to a real school before, because of a rare disease called Treacher Collins. Auggie is nervous, and he gets bullied. But Auggie, later on, finds a new friend. Jack Will. At first, Jack only hangs out with Auggie because he feels bad, but later on, finds out how cool Auggie can be, and they become best friends. Jack talks bad about Auggie behind his back, so Auggie hangs out with a girl named Summer. In the end, Auggie and Jack become best friends again.


The characters in this book are Auggie, Summer, Via, Jack Will, Auggie’s parents, Julian, and much more. Auggie is the main character in this book and his best friends are Jack Will and Summer. Jack Will is Auggie’s friend from the beginning but later talks bad about Auggie. They eventually make up and Auggie forgives him. Summer is optimistic, kind, and outgoing. She does not only hang out with Auggie because the principal told her to. She did it because she wanted to show kindness. Summer is always by Auggie’s side and always stands up for him. Via, or Violet, is Auggie’s big sister. She is caring, kind, and great at acting. Sometimes she is jealous of the attention that Auggie’s parents give him, but at other times, she can be an understanding sister. Auggie’s parents are very protective of Auggie. They are very understanding of Auggie’s problems, and always make time for him. Jullian is obnoxious, insecure, and a bully. He makes fun of Auggie just because of his face. He is quick to judge and does not care about other people’s feelings.


The book “Wonder” changed the world. It opened people’s eyes to how someone would feel having a facial deformity. It also taught people that you should never judge a book by its cover, and always be kind. It shows how cruel the world can be and how you should always stick together with the people you care about. “Wonder” is a great read for families, and I think everyone should read it.

- Anonymous Reviewer

by R.J. Palacio