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Stories from History: 

We all have a story to share, what's yours? 

The Bolger Heritage Center is collecting your experiences

during the Coronavirus and COVID-19 response. 

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The Bolger Heritage Center is collecting materials which document the response of our community to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 

We are seeking stories from Village residents as you react to new policies and recommendations aimed to restrict the virus’ spread.  One day this time will be considered history, and we wish to document and preserve the materials and stories that demonstrate how you are continuing to communicate, work, commute, learn, use the Library, teach, create, celebrate, mourn, and give aid to others. 


Please tell us your story or consider what objects or recordings best represent the experiences and observations that have stood out to you most: 

  • How are you and your family members spending your time?

  • What do you regard as your biggest challenges? 

  • Was there a moment when you realized a historic event was taking place? 


The stories and materials we collect will allow all of us to study and share these experiences in the future. Your story will be preserved and maintained in our archives, and available for others to read or see on our website (only with your permission).  Please email heritagecenter@ridgewoodlibrary.org or you can help us by using the form below to submit digital content. 

To read more on why we're collecting stories, please check out our Blog posting.

Parents, caregivers or educators, consider using our guided submission for children.

To create a record of the people we lose to this illness, please submit In Memoriam.

To read stories submitted, please go to "Today's Stories, Tomorrow's History".


The Bolger Heritage Center is collecting select materials that demonstrate the impact of coronavirus and COVID-19 on our Village. These might include typed personal reflections and stories, digital images, social media posts, web sites, blog posts, and other digital content. You can help us by sharing documentation of your personal experiences.  We especially encourage the donation of photographs and other media as emails to heritagecenter@ridgewoodlibrary.org, rather than as links to online posts.

Upon receipt of your story in whatever format, we will send you a Release Form.  This form states that you grant the Ridgewood Public Library with access to your content for preservation purposes.  If you have any questions prior to submitting your story, please email heritagecenter@ridgewoodlibrary.org

Thanks! Message sent.