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Other Resources


Ask Dr. Universe: Created by Washington State University, a cartoon cat “Dr. Universe” answers questions asked by children about science in simple language with bright graphics. Ages 5+


Lab Bench: Interactive biology labs that allow students to virtually complete different experiments. Ages 7+

Nasa Kids Club: Information about space including games, pictures and activities. Ages 4+


Scratch: A visual programming language designed especially for kids, teaching concepts of computer coding through game and story creation. Ages 8-16, Scratch Jr Ages 5-7


Code Studio: A wide range of simple and well presented computer science fundamentals courses and programming games. Ages 4+

Code Monster: Code Monster character gives step by step directions to perform simple coding tasks. Ages 5+

Coding Resources for Women Information from the Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences especially for women in tech.


PBS Kids: Engineering games featuring all kids' favorite characters from Curious George to Thomas the Train. Ages 3+

ASCEville: An interactive town from the American Society of Civil Engineers that allows kids to explore how engineering is part of their everyday lives. Ages 4+

PBS Building Big: Interactive labs and engineering challenges that teaches kids about forces, shapes, and materials and how big structures like bridges and skyscrapers are built


Calculation Nation: Math games created by the National Concil of Teachers of Mathematics. Ages 5+

PBS Kids Lab: Games, activities, apps, and other resources for math education. Ages 3-8


School Yourself: Interactive math lessons created by Harvard instructors, including both basics concepts (such as addition and subtraction) and advanced (such as calculus and statistics). Ages 4+

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