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Join Summer Reading Club!
 Registration opens June 1.

About Children's SRC

What is the Summer Reading Club?

The Summer Reading Club is a fun way to read lots of books over the summer and to have the chance to win some awesome prizes!

How do I participate?

It's easy! First, register online. Then, read for thirty minutes a day, for five days. After five days of reading, you will receive an email with a link to a form (the form will also be available right here on this website.) Fill out the form and your name will automatically be entered into a raffle for that reading session! (Make sure to check your email, too, for a special surprise!). There are ten reading sessions in all, so that means you have ten chances to win great prizes.

What can I read that will count toward SRC?

Anything! You can read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, read magazines, graphic novels, have someone read to you- it all counts! Just make sure you read for thirty minutes a day.

How long will SRC run?

Summer Reading Club begins on Thursday, June 24, which means that's when you can begin tracking your reading. The last day to track your reading is Friday, August 20, which will mark the end of SRC.

How do I track my reading?

We have a handy tracker available right here on our website that you're welcome to download, print, and use to track your reading all summer. We will also have copies available at our service desk. Just remember, you do not have to hand your tracker in! This is just to help you keep track of all the awesome reading you'll be doing summer.

Session 1

Days 1-5

Session 2

Days 6-10

Session 3

Days 11-15

Session 4

Days 16-20

Session 5

Days 21-25 

Session 6

Days 26-30

Session 7

Days 31-35

Session 8

Days 36-40

Session 9

Days 41-45

Form will be available on 8/7

Session 10

Days 46-50

Form will be available on 8/12