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The Bolger Heritage Center: Documenting COVID-19

Someday these “days of coronavirus” will be part of history. What we’re going through now will be studied and written about and have movies made about it. Ridgewood will have its stories, and your family will have its stories, and we’d like to be able to document those—now, as they’re happening.

If you live or work in Ridgewood, the Bolger Heritage Center is asking for your help in remembering this troubling time. We would welcome:

  • Photographs. Of the instant office you’ve made at home, video-schooling your kids, baking yet another loaf of banana bread, empty shelves, empty streets, trying to cut your kid’s bangs, etc.

  • Video. How are you passing the time? Watching tv, singing, dancing, cooking, walking the dog endless times a day? Grab a minute of it on your phone and send it to us.

  • Writings. Can you describe what you’re going through and what you’re feeling--in a story, a letter to yourself, a future letter to your kids, a poem, just a sentence or two?

  • Social media posts. Cut, paste, and send to us if you’ve posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter--whether it’s serious or funny.

We’d especially like to hear from doctors, nurses, physician assistants, other medical staff and patients; Ridgewood teachers; Ridgewood kids (any age); Ridgewood business owners and employees; and, of course, Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, Grandfathers. Are you helping to keep the groceries open, are you “zooming” with your work colleagues multiple times a day, are you reading virtual stories to your grandkids, are you part of the history playing itself out at Valley Hospital, how are you keeping your kids educated and busy?

Please take a minute today and help us preserve this history for tomorrow. To access our submission form, or to send your response via email, see our instructions page here.


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