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Interlibrary Loan

Beyond BCCLS, we share materials with library systems from around the country and internationally. Can't find the right materials in BCCLS? Let us help you find what you need and then get it for you through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

ILLs will be resuming on October 19th. If you placed a request but never recieved the item, the ILL coordinator will be reaching out within the week to confirm whether or not you still would like the item. PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MODIFIED RULES. Thank you for your patience.

The world is filled with so much stuff that the BCCLS catalog can't contain it all. Maybe your favorite author has a book you've never heard of? Maybe you're doing research and you need knowledge of as many items about the topic as possible? If you only search the BCCLS catalog, you'll never know what else is out there.

That's where JerseyCat and WorldCat come in.

As the names imply, one is for finding items held by other New Jersey Public and Academic institutions and the other is for finding items from around the country and the world.

Just click the links, put in your search and once you've found the item you want, send in a request!

What to Know Before Requesting


What should I do before I request an ILL?

First, check BCCLS.org to ensure that the item is not there. Then, use worldcat.org to find which libraries have copies as well as to get the ISBN and other details. Then, fill out the form to the right or ask for a paper form at the Reference Desk.


How long should I expect to wait?

ILLs can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to fulfill. Due to the pandemic, wait times may be longer. You will be notified as soon as we either have the item you requested or we learn that we were unable to acquire the item.


Is there a cost?

Due to the time and effort that goes into requesting an ILL, there is a nominal charge of $1 per item for requests within NJ. For items that come from outside the state, there is an additional charge for postage. You will only be charged if we are able to get the item for you.


What can't I request?

Console video games (Switch, PS4, Xbox-One, etc.), e-books and other digital media cannot be requested. In addition, you cannot request any items that have been released in the last 12 months. You may, however, suggest that we add the item to our collection by emailing ask@ridgewoodlibrary.org with the title, author, type of material (DVD, non-fiction book, CD, etc.) and, if you can find it, ISBN.

ILL Coordinator

Elias Rosner


201-670-5600 x 160

What to Know After Placing Your Request

I no longer need the item. How do I cancel the request?

Contact the ILL Coordinator as soon as you no longer need them item. If the item arrives and you have not alerted the ILL Coordinator, you will be charged the ILL fee for the item.

How long will I have the item for?

Items are checked out to you for 14 days, starting the day the library receives the item. Renewal length vary but are generally another 14 days.

Where do I pick up/return my ILL?

All ILL's should be picked up from and returned to the Reference Desk on the 2nd Floor of the Library. The Reference librarian will ask to scan the item and then have you place it in an ILL bin. This process is different from our usual quarantine procedures due to the unique nature of ILLs.

What if I need more time? How can I renew?

If you need a renewal, you must contact the ILL Coordinator prior to the due date to ensure ample time to confirm the item's renewability. You will be notified if and for how long the item has been renewed for. If you do not do this, you will be charged any overdue fees.

I was just notified my ILL is here. How long do I have to pick my item up?

We ask that you pick it up as soon as possible. If you believe that you will not be able to pick the item up during the first week, please contact the ILL Coordinator and they will work out how long to hold the item for you. If you do not pick up your item, and we have to send it back, you will still be charged for it.

What happens if I lose the item?

If you lose an item, you will be charged for the item. The charge will be placed on your card and you are responsible for paying for the item.

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