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BHC Recorded Programs

Please note that we will add recorded programs as they occur, with permission from the guest speakers.  Please continue to check back for additional videos.

Assessing Women in Politics

Guest Speaker: Stacie Taranto

Ramapo College Professor Stacie Taranto presents on her book, "Suffrage at 100:  Women in American Politics since 1920".  As an editor of the book, Stacie will speak on women's engagement in electoral politics spanning the last 100 years, and will cover topics such as labor & civil rights; education; conservatism vs. liberalism; public history; and more.  Click here for more information on the book.  

A is for Artistry

Guest Speaker: Anthony Cavo

We welcome you to join the Schoolhouse Museum for this virtual tour of their exhibit, A is for Artistry.  

From the high art of a fine early 19th century oil portrait to the low art of handmade crafts, people have long incorporated art into their daily lives. This exhibit examines how artisans have embellished even the most functional items used in the home and celebrates centuries of art, artists and creativity.  Beginning with pieces from Ridgewood Historical Society’s Lenape Collection, this exhibit traces the development of pottery in the U.S., showcases quilts, coverlets and an array of needlework common in the 19th century and highlights the variety of ways artists made portraits using paper and scissors and early photography.

A Home Divided: The Hermitage During the American Civil War

Guest Speaker: Victoria Harty

While the battlefields of the American Civil War never reached Northern New Jersey, it was a grim and turbulent time for the Rosencrantz family at the Hermitage. As Northern "peace" Democrats with
a deep entanglement with enslavement, the Rosencrantz family was caught between both sides of the Civil War. It was a time marked by deep family division, economic hardship, and personal reckoning. Drawing from the personal accounts of the Rosencrantz family spread between Virginia, Philadelphia, and Bergen County, this presentation explores the varied experiences of a local New Jersey family during an era that defined not only the nation, but the Hermitage as well.

Developing Skills in Identifying 19th Century Photographs

Guest Speaker: Anthony Cavo

We welcome you to join Anthony's discussion on how to identify the different types of photographs most commonly produced between 1840 and 1900.   You'll learn how these images were impacted by mores, morals, inequity, and customs of the day and delve into a brief discussion on why the sitter's expressions appear somber.

Developing Skills in Identifying 18th Century Cased Furniture

Guest Speaker: Anthony Cavo

We welcome you to join Anthony's discussion on  how to identify 18th century cased furniture based on construction methods. You’ll get an up close analysis with this virtual presentation, as Anthony displays a specific piece of pre-revolutionary furniture (ca 1750). You’ll learn how to identify the dating and other historical tidbits by deconstructing each section of the piece of furniture.