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Treasures from the Archive Collections

Letters from a Soldier

... Becker sent letters home from the ...front in World War II.  Later he moved to Ridgewood and raised a family here.  His letters were used to create a beautiful book where you can read about the life of a soldier.

Holiday Postcards

In the early 20th century greetings via postcard were common.  The Bolger Heritage Center has a collection of Christmas and New Year's cards.

Sycamore Tree at Graydon

In early 2018 the Sycamore Tree at Graydon had to be taken down due to an illness.  It stood for decades on its own island at the corner of Linwood and North Maple Avenue and was a landmark to the Village.  The tree has been at Graydon prior to the pool being built in 1926, and many memories were made at the site.  If you have any images of the tree please share them by email heritagecenter@ridgewoodlibrary.org.

Leary Leder

.... Leary of ..... kept a general store.  This ledger from the years ... to .... records his accounts by individual name.

Civil War Envelopes

During the Civil War patriotic envelopes were printed with symbols and cartoons.  Many were never used, but were collected as souvenirs.

The Morning Herald, V. 1 Iss. 1

The Morning Herald first published in 1835 was the beginning of the New York Herald News dynasty.

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