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Ridgewood Storms

hurricane ida1.jpg

Hurricane Ida (2021)

On September 1, 2021, Ridgewood was once again affected by a hurricane that flooded the parking lot for Village Hall and the Ridgewood Public Library. 


These images capture just a glimpse at the damage Hurricane Ida caused in area of New Jersey.

Photographs courtesy of Nancy Greene (top image) and Lisa Trent (image on the right)

hurricane ida.jpg

Superstorm Sandy (2012)

Trees were toppled all over town, taking out electric, telephone, and cable wires and damaging cars and homes.


And then it snowed.

IMG_2725 Utter destruction.jpg
sue 175-1 small.jpg
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HauckTim Cronin Matt Burgess, Cottage St.jpg
IMG_0673 Graham crop.jpg

But we coped.


Downtown stores were open and the coffee and pastries, warmth and company were great. People helped each other, hosted people in their homes or went to other towns to help.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel opened a 24-hour warming center staffed with its youth. And the Library was open for a few hours each day, until power was restored.

IMG_2723-1 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Youth.jpg

Photos by Lucy Rieger, Elizabeth Graham, Joan Schoeffell, Gwenn Hauck, and Mary Taylor.

Mary, Mary, and Mary: a Sandy Anecdote

by Mary Taylor

Here's a heart-warming story about a mother and daughter who were able to make a difference in the lives of people who were flooded in Little Ferry.




Hurricane Irene (2011)

Irene (4).jpg
Irene (3).jpg
Irene (2).jpg

Catch the video on Youtube Ridgewood Flooding.

Follow the link or search Ridgewood NJ hurricane for more videos.

Hurricane Floyd (1999)

pic 2.jpg

Images from the collections of the Bolger Heritage Center at the Ridgewood Public Library.