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New York Herald
Vol. 1, No. 1, May 6, 1835

 The New York Herald's first issue was published May 6, 1835 under the title of the Morning Herald. James Gordon Bennett was its publisher, followed by his son James Gordon Bennett, Jr. The paper survived until 1924, when it was purchased by the New York Tribune, forming the New York Herald Tribune.

The Library owns a copy of the very first issue: a fascinating time capsule of life over 150 years ago. It was donated by Oscar "Ted" Connor.

To view this newspaper, contact the Heritage Center at heritagecenter@ridgewoodlibrary.org





Established as a low-cost paper, equal to the more expensive ones and available to “the great masses of the community—the merchant, mechanic, working people—the private family as well as the public hotel—the journeyman and his employer—the clerk and his principal. … [W]e commit ourselves and our cause to the public, with perfect confidence in our own capacity to publish a paper that will seldom pall on the appetite, provided we receive moderate encouragement to unfold our resources and purposes in the columns of the Morning Herald.”


The Herald was edited by James Gordon Bennett, Sr. and Jr. from 1835 to 1924, when it was acquired by the New York Tribune, creating the New York Herald Tribune.


Front Page Contents


Biographical Sketch of Matthias the Prophet

Mattahias is an “eccentric looking man with a long beard, red sash, and oriental cap” who is a self-styled Christian prophet the author calls an “impostur ”. This article is three and one half columns long!


Books (a brief essay)

A love for Shakspeare



“we have reason to believe that open pelisses composed of summer silks, and edged with two or three pipings of different and striking color, will be much in request towards the end of the month. … The new colors are expected to be different shades of green, primrose, lilac, fawn, cherry, and a bright blue.”


“He who loves to employ himself well can never want something to do.”

Page 3 Contents


“What does the journeyman mechanic stand most in need of? Plenty of work and good wages.” Discussion of “monopoly, anti-monopoly, banks, circulation, mechanics, small notes, and many other matters supposed to be appertaining to the interests and feelings of the mechanics and working people.”


Observations on a walk to the outskirts of New York City… “on the borders of civilization north of Washington Square.”

“The Union Races begin yesterday.”



The editor promises to do better than “Ignorance, insipidity and inanity” in other papers, then quotes from the other papers and doesn’t offer anything of his own!

Court Circular.


Tells where the president and other leaders are and how they are doing. Also “Davie Crockett, at the last accounts, was grinning the bark off the trees in Tennessee.”


Explosion of the Steam Boat Advocate


 A most wanton murder






LA REVUE FRANCAISE ad for a journal in French published in New York City


First of two columns of classified ads including those for schools, cravats, capitalist wanted, to let, Badeau’s Celebrated Strengthening Plaster, locks, printers type, 60 gallon cask of "Vin de Macon" for $30, etc.


Page 2 Contents


Jas. GORDON BENNETT & Co. “commence this morning the publication of the MORNING HERALD, a new daily paper, price $3 a year, or six cents per week, advertising at the ordinary rates.”

Publishing office No. 20 Wall street  Printing office, No. 34 Ann street, 3d story


“In the commencement of an enterprise of the present kind, it i[s] not necessary to say much—‘we know,’ Says the fair Ophelia, ‘what we are, but know not what we may be.’ “


LATE AND IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE . Defeat of the Peel Ministry—Reported rencontre between a Russian squadron and a British ship of war in the Dardanelles


“Last evening the arrival of the St. Andrew, Taubman [Master of the ship], from Cork, brought dates from the 8 th of April, giving some important intelligence from various points of Europe.” …. “The cotton market in Liverpool was firm—some sorts going up.” More than a column of political and economic news from across Europe



News from William’s New York Register and references to Fanny Kemble’s “saucy journal” [published in 1835]: The article is a statistical description of New York State . “Scholars talk and twaddle about the States of Greece—the supremacy of Athens—the moral grandeur of Sparta---the magnificence of republican Rome. Mere shadows to New York as she is and means to be.”


Domestic Items


 Theatrical Chit Chat


 An Odd Fancy


”Silver forks are to be used at Rockaway and West Point Hotels during the coming summer.”






Page 4 Contents


“A Health” and “Like Southern Birds” Two poems


THE BROKEN-HEARTED An essay on death

Better lose your life than your wager


 The Dying Infant


Anecdote of Rev. Robert Hall


The Female Heart “There is nothing so delicious as the possession of pure, fresh, immutable affections.”


Half Price


Death by suffocation from charcoal .


 A prim Lady


More classified including:
THE NEW YORKER new literary journal by H. Greely & Co.
FOR ALBANY ships sailing for Albany
The World for Twenty-Five Cents! SEAR’S CHART OF THE WORLD