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Ridgewood House History Examples

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416 Knollwood Road

Knollwood Road was previously the location of the Ridgewood Country Club.  In 1927 the Manor Ridge Land Company  platted this area and renamed it "Manor Ridge at Ridgewood".    By 1943, 40% of the lots had houses.  416 Knollwood was one of these houses built, and you can read more about its history here.


279 Woodside Avenue

Between 1907 and 1911, home construction was booming in Ridgewood.  Residential "parks" were being laid out throughout the Village, and one such park was Woodside Park. To read more about that development, and the history behind 279 Woodside Avenue, please click here.​


249 Mountain Avenue

Mountain Avenue is located on a ridge in the Southwest portion of Ridgewood.  This development of houses was once a part of Kathawood Park, developed between the years 1912 and 1927.  For more information on the architectural style and development of 249 Mountain Avenue, click here.


Old Country Club

The Ridgewood Country Club opened on October 5, 1912 on Lincoln Avenue.  It offered a restaurant, billiard tables, bowling alleys, and more.  Though the clubhouse burned in 1919 a new building was built and opened in 1921.  Many houses now exist where the Country Club used to be in place.  Read more on the history of this historic area here.


296 Prospect Street

The approximate date of the first residents in this house was 1897, based on the City Directory.   Over the years numerous families lived in the home, and as many houses in Ridgewood, its address changed over the course of time.  At one point Dr. Harry S. Willard and his family lived in this home, a name familiar to many in Ridgewood as Willard School was named after him.  To read more on the house and the families who resided there, click here.

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