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Adult Summer Reading Club logo, yellow and orange umbrella over red book

Adult Summer Reading Club

Register and record your summer reading list here. With each book you read, Ridgewood residents can enter to win fabulous prizes. Additional raffle tickets may be earned by participating in our Literary Monopoly.

Literary Monopoly

Modified Monopoly board with different genres of books for each property

How to Play:

Roll two physical dice or type “roll 2d6” into google.

  • If you don’t want to roll dice, move up to 12 spaces on the board, selecting what you want to do for the week

Complete the task you land on.

  • For most of the spaces you’ll read a book that falls into the category. Other categories include: Attend a Visual & Performing Arts Performance, Watch a Film Adaptation of a Book, Take Part in a Community Discussion. 

  • If you land on "Free Parking," read a book of your choice.

  • If you land on "Go to Jail," read a book that you have owned for at least three years without reading.

  • Every time you pass Go, we will waive a $1 fine on your library card.

Comment about what you did on that week’s blog post.

  • Write a brief summary of what you did, did you enjoy it, etc

  • How does the book fit into your category?

  • Then fill out that week's form to claim your raffle ticket

You can complete multiple turns in a week if you’re feeling ambitious. For each comment on the blog post, you get a raffle ticket. If you land on the same spot twice, you can either complete the task again or move another space. 


Every week we’ll be updating the board with initialized tokens to show everyone's progress.