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Dive into your summer right with the Ridgewood Library's Annual

Adult Summer Reading Club

Register and record your summer reading list here. With each book you read, Ridgewood residents can enter to win fabulous prizes.
Additional raffle tickets may be earned by participating in Literary Monopoly.

Sponsor a Book

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Donate $25 or more this summer and receive a personalized book plate added to a new book in the library's collection and a raffle ticket 
Your donation to the Friends helps support the purchase of books and fund adult programs throughout the year.
Sponsor a Book
  • Increments of $25 qualify you for additional bookplates (e.g. If you donate $50, you can get 2 bookplates).
    If you want to donate but only want 1 (or 2, 3 etc.), please indicate such in the notes section of your donation.
  • If you donate by check/cash, please write on the envelope it is for ASRC Bookplates.
  • Bookplates will be added in batches. We will reach out with more information as we process the donation lists. Thank you for your patience
  • If you have any questions, please email Elias at erosner@ridgewoodlibrary.org

Literary Monopoly

Literary Monopoly Board - 2021.png
Literary Monopoly

How to Play in Three (OK, Four) Easy Steps:

  1. Roll two dice or type “roll 2d6” into google.

  2. Complete whatever task you land on.

  3. Comment about what you did on that week’s blog post

  4. Keep track of where you landed and repeat

Every week we’ll be updating the board with initialized tokens to show everyone's progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I earn a raffle ticket?

A: Write a brief summary of where you landed, what you read/did, did you enjoy it, etc. on each week's blog post and then fill out that week's form, which will be linked in the post.

Q: Do I have to roll physical dice?

A: Nope. You can use digital dice or a random number generator set to 12. Feel free to also move up to 12 spaces at a time to select your challenge for the week.

Q: What happens if I land on Free Parking?

A: Free Parking lets you read a book of your choice.


Q: What about Go to Jail?
A: Move your piece to the jail and then read a book that you have owned for three years or more but haven't read yet.

Q: And if I just visit Jail?

A: You can either do the same challenge as above or take a nice break for this turn, though no tickets if you take a break.

Q: How do I collect when I pass Go?

A: Comment on that week's blog post and we'll waive a $1 fine on your card. If you have no fines, congrats! Also, we'll contact you directly to figure it out.

Q: Can I complete multiple turns in one week? 

A: Absolutely! Make sure to leave multiple comments, one for each book category.


Q: Can I read multiple books in one category in one round?
A: Yes but only one will count for the bonus Literary Monopoly ticket. 


Q: What happens if I land on the same spot twice in different rounds?

A: You can either complete the task again or move another space. 


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