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BOLGER HERITAGE CENTER for Local History & Genealogy

Heritage CATalog



Heritage CATalog
Access to Photographs, Postcards, Manuscripts, Objects, and Books

Items in the Heritage CATalog are of local interest (primarily Ridgewood) or genealogical interest (primarily Bergen County). Please review Search Hints below.

Most books in our collections can be accessed through the BCCLS catalog. (Search in box above or click here.)

All images are available for personal and educational use only. Please respect all copyright protections.
To request permission for publication, please contact the Heritage Center.



Printer Friendly Search Hints


1. Try Keyword Search first. It is usually sufficient to find what you want.
2. Be specific and start with one or two words. Add more if you get too many search results.
3. The search engine is very literal--you'll need to try all forms of a word--e.g. tree and trees
4. If you select "Only records with images" the results are larger thumbnails with no text.

To come back to the Search Hints, click the link at the bottom of the Search screens.

Click here to see Search Terms used for postcards and photographs.


1. Use the Random Images button.
2. Use postcard in keyword to see all postcard images. Use photographic print in keyword to see all the photographs.


1. * may be used at the end of words as a wild card (road* will return road and roads and roadster)
2. OR may be used between words to look for either word in the record


1. Advanced Search can be useful to identifying specific items or narrowing results.
2. Refine your Search using the sidebar on the right.
3. Refine your terms, use the Back button in your browser.
4. For a new seach, click new search, and delete the old keywords from the search form.


Keyword: Use to find a word in any field.

Title: Words only appear in the title. Most useful for the “Library” catalog

Creator: Author, photographer, publisher of postcards, for example

Description: Searches all of the descriptive text and the list of people associated with an item. Searching on names is especially useful for maps and books. (Records for family genealogies include the most common names from the indexes and portraits in the county histories are indexed.)

Subject: This can be a subject heading (as in a library catalog) or a search term from our “Classification List”. Click here for a list of the Classifications used.

Object Name: This field indexes the type of item: book, postcard, plaque, photographic print [use these words], newspaper clipping, or other descriptive word

Collection: Reserved for future use

Catalog Number: For quickly finding a specific item when you have the 10-digit number (as in 2000.000.000). Periods must appear as written in the number.

Date Range: It is very tempting to use date range. However, many records have no date or date range assigned. Results using date range lack items that otherwise might match your search criteria.


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